Savannah Civil Rights Leader Testimonies


Listen to Curtis Cooper, Daniel Wright Jr., and Westley Wallace Law talk about the actions that they and their community took during the Savannah Boycott.


Westley Wallace Law - historian and preservationist - founder of the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, the Beach Institute African American Cultural Center and the King – Tisdell Cottage: A Black History House Museum after leading the NAACP Savannah’s Civil Rights Movement for 26 years.

Curtis Cooper became the president of the local chapter of the NAACP after Westley Wallace Law.

Daniel Wright Jr. left Savannah after the Movement and became a Social Worker in Atlanta. He was married to Mercedes Wright Arnold who led the wade in at Tybee Island.


1) What were some reasons that Mr. Cooper gave for the community starting the boycott?
2) Levy's was the biggest department store in Savannah at the time. What hardship could the Black community face when they decided to boycott it?
3) Why did community members throw their Levy's charge cards towards Mr. Law. How did they feel?